Outreach Service for Migrants and Former Refugees

Volunteer Wellington is at 39 Webb St from 12.30pm to 2.30pm every second Tuesday. You can find us at KiwiClass on level 1 or Red Cross on level 2. Come and talk to our friendly volunteer team about volunteering and how you can get involved. You can just drop in to see us, or you can make a booking here: Schedule time with me

What is volunteering?

In Aotearoa New Zealand, volunteering is:

  • Work that you do because you want to do it and you care about it
  • Work that you do because you choose to do it (not because someone has told you that you have to)
  • Work that helps someone or something else (like other people, animals or the environment)
  • Work that you do not get any payment for (no money, gifts, vouchers, etc.)

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to improve your work skills and your wellbeing!

  • Meet new people
  • Practice Kiwi English
  • Learn about Wellington
  • Get Kiwi work experience
  • Have fun
  • Use your skills
  • Try new things
  • Belong to a team

Can I volunteer with the visa I have?

You can volunteer on any kind of visa, or even if you don’t have one. When you volunteer, you do not get any payment or reward, so it is not classed as employment.

Why do I need a Police / Ministry of Justice check?

A lot of community organisations ask all new volunteers to have a Police or Ministry of Justice check. This is standard practice – they ask every volunteer to have one. It is to check if you have been charged with a crime that might mean you can’t do the volunteer role safely.

Where can I find out more about volunteering?

You can go to www.volunteerwellington.nz or find us on Facebook or email us at outreach@volunteerwellington.nz . You can also contact us at one of our 3 offices across the Wellington Region.

Phone: 04 237 5355
Level 4, Pember House
16 Hagley St
Lower Hutt
Phone: 04 566 6786
Level 4,
21-23 Andrews Ave
Wellington City
Phone: 04 489 4570
Level 7,
186 Willis St